Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tomorrow Tomorrow

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar that 
There'll be sun!

Can you hear yourself singing that eternally optimistic song?  I loved it as a kid...I love it still.

It seems a fitting song to reflect my attitude thus far over the course of this winter.  This nasty, bitterly cold, endlessly persistent winter marked by extreme temperatures and more snow than I've seen in my life.  I haven't let it defeat me.  I haven't let it stop us from acting on any of the plans we've made; I haven't let it challenge my optimism.  My attitude has been far more like this:

When I'm stuck with a day
that's gray
and lonely,
I just stick out my chin 
and grin
and say...

But I give up.  I'm done now.

Yesterday morning, when I checked for the day's weather forecast, I did so with anticipation because on Monday the weather network suggested that today would be the day where the mercury began to climb again.

But of course, the news was the opposite:  Extreme temperature alerts; extreme wind alerts; blowing snow alerts; dangerous driving conditions.  Really, how many times do we have to be named the coldest place on earth before finally just succumbing to the elements...

...and staying home.

I'm convinced that those seven-day Environment Canada weather forecasts are deliberately misleading - always providing hope for two or three days from now, only to find out on then that the good weather is actually now another two or three days out.

So you gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may

So yesterday, suddenly unable to face another day of that kind of cold, I canceled our plans for day and evening, and we hunkered down at home.  I baked my best recipe of cinnamon buns; we spontaneously invited some friends over for the afternoon; the kids watched a movie and played; and I drank tea and visited with my friend.

I'm usually not much of a weather whiner, though heaven knows we who live here have a right to be. The kids still play outside (just a little more bundled); we still do everything we plan to do (yesterday being the notable exception); and we just get on with life.  It's kinda like all of those years we lived in Vancouver - people were always bitching and complaining throughout the rainy months, but my perspective always was that you can't let a little rain stop you from engaging in life.  In all of the years we were in Vancouver, I didn't even own an umbrella - it seemed an encumbrance for just getting on with life.

Anyway, I made a new decision yesterday:  Sometimes it's ok to just give up on a day's possibilities and create different ones.

After all, there's always...

I love ya
You're always
A day


  1. Do I ever hear you, Ruth! It just seems like the last couple days have been the coldest ever, and I'm not sure if that's really true or just that the winter has gone on so long that there is no "making the best of it" anymore. But yes, we too have pretty much given up and stayed home this week.
    Seriously! I too don't like to think of myself as a weather whiner, but this really is getting ridiculous....

    1. Well I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with it, too, Sonja!

      So I didn't go out at all yesterday and not until mid afternoon today, when I forced myself to take the kids to their swimming lessons...and I resented every second that I had to be outside! My break yesterday was great, but it was hard to rejoin the world out there today!

      Hopefully it'll end soon. At this point, I'd just be happy to be 8 or 10 degrees less cold...small mercies!


  2. What a coincidence - I gave up yesterday too! I'm another keener who usually ploughs through winter fairly undeterred, but yesterday I hit the wall. While I normally walk or run to work in winter, I gave myself a vacation and took the car. The meter money was less than a trip to warmer climes. And when I got home a grader had left a huge windrow in front of my parking spot, so I cursed everyone and everything and pushed all the snow right back into the back lane since there is literally no where else to pile it anymore. Done. But I'll probably hop back in the saddle tomorrow - what choice is there? Ack!

    1. A trip to a warmer climate...ah...that sounds lovely!

      And you've nailed the rub in the whole giving up thing...there's not much choice about hopping back into the saddle 'cause there's no end in sight yet to this winter. Last night was my usual Thursday night out, so I took myself out to dinner and watched a move on my computer over dinner. Very relaxing...but the entire 2 hours I was out I just couldn't warm up so I finally packed it in, gave up, braved the cold to get to the car...and was home by 8:35!! Not much of a night out...two of the three kids were still awake! brave T, be brave.


  3. Hmmm tea and best cinnamon buns sounds like a super good way to take a break from the cold. So far I keep trying to be positive for my kids and husband but one of these days I'm likely to lose it altogether. It seems sometimes like its easier to just keep going with regularly scheduled programming and I'm not one to play hooky well but I do find myself envious of those who choose to do so every once in awhile when enough is just enough. Maybe one of these days that will be me.

    1. I hope you do play hooky one of these days, Eileen...those spontaneous days can be the best kinds of days!

      Lovely to see you last week!