Saturday, January 4, 2014

Music: Fun.

I hope that you don't mind my posting the occasional bit of music here...I do so love music of endless varieties (pop, jazz, worship, instrumental, vocal, classical, etc etc), and have great appreciation for distinctive voices and/or good writing.  One youngish fellow whose voice I find very distinctive these days is Nate Ruess, frontman for the band Fun.  He's not an instrumentalist, and I don't like all of his stuff, but he writes and sings, and his voice is pretty unique.  Interestingly, he also co-wrote and co-sang one of Pink's big hits of 2012, Just Give me a Reason.

I'm not crazy about the band's videos for either of these songs, but I found the acoustic versions of Fun.'s We Are Young and Carry On, and thought I'd post them.


  1. Love these videos. He has such a fantastic voice.

  2. Fun is one of my girls' favourite contemporary bands... along with Bruno Mars, Teagan and Sarah... :-)