Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Good Way to End the Day

The kids have (miraculously) been playing together rather well lately and a perfect testimony to this is what's happening at this very moment.  They're down in the basement with the box that their new Christmas toboggan came in - a long, narrow box that barely fits over the kids' heads and bodies; when it's on all the way, the box comes down to Lizzie's ankles, Seth's mid-calves and Matthew's knees.  Just watching each other move around in it and crash into things is tickling all of their funny bones.

From what I'm hearing down there, they are taking turns putting the box over their heads and bodies and toddling around in it, trying to crash into the other two kids.  They are shrieking with unreserved belly laughter as the kid wearing the box keeps falling down while trying to bump into another kid.

They're all ready for bed and the plan was that I was going to read to them in our library for 45 minutes before we made our way to bed.  But they've been down there laughing and playing hard for the past 30 minutes and I simply cannot imagine a better way to end the day than with laughter and sibling bonding happening.

Remember how when your kid was a toddler and they had more fun playing with the box than the toy?  Well, apparently for my kids, this also holds true for ages 9, 8, and 6!

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