Sunday, November 3, 2013

Full Day Schooling for Society's Youngest Children

So, I know this will be a controversial thing to say, but in response to the article below, I say "well, duh."  People seriously believe that our children are better off in full time school at ages three, four, and five??  I'm certainly not an advocate that everyone homeschool their children, and I also understand that circumstances often dictate where our children go during the day, but it genuinely angers me that there is this belief by so many that full time school for such young children is in their best interests.

Why Full Day Kindergarten is Failing Our Children

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  1. I stronly dislike full day kindergarten. I don't even like the all day every other day version, so definitely do not like all day every day. I think that the day is too long and does not allow for enough processing time between days. Little ones need time to just "be" too. Plus, I see students who really struggle with full days in grades 3 & 4, and they are twice or more the ages of kinder kids. Now this last statement could easily lead to a rant on ridiculous bedtimes of many kids today, but I'll save that for another day and just leave this at "I really do NOT like full day kindergarten".