Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are Homeschooled Kids Weird?

OK, so I have to say that I laughed out loud when I read this short blog post: Are Homeschooled Kids Weird?

The answer, of course, is a resounding yes.  I'd like to think that this is mostly in a charming, unique sort of way.

But one particular way that we h/schoolers are a little 'out there' is in the choices that we let our kids make when it comes to their clothing.  I've seen a lot of strangely attired h/schooled kids over the years:  Lots of mismatched and oddly-put-together clothing; lots of flood pants; lots of holes in very worn sweatpants; wildly disheveled and/or uncombed hair.  You name it, it's out there in the h/school community...and in our home!

The post also reminded me, painfully, of just the other day, when Lizzie came downstairs in an outfit that made me gasp involuntarily when I glanced down at her:  A pale-pink-toned, intensely-paisley-patterned shirt that is too small for her so the sleeves were half-way up to her elbows and altogether a little too snug (and the shirt was on backwards with the label jutting out over the top of the shirt because "it was too itchy"); and horizontally-striped yoga pants in bright oranges, reds and and yellows (one stripe every inch or so) that had been gifted to us some time before but not yet dealt with...oh, and the pants, too, were too small, and stopped about an inch above her ankles; you could see the entirety of her aptly-named zebra socks below the pant hem.

As if that wasn't enough to create a fashion statement of sorts, she'd also 'combed' her own hair (before pushing the whole brush into the household venting system from where it will never be retrieved), and it was standing straight out from her scalp in wild, frizzy curls in an uneven and decidedly-lumpy manner.

I managed, thankfully, to turn my gasp into a cough...just in time to see her broad grin and hear her say:  "Mommy, I'm ready for the day.  I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and I got dressed.  I love this outfit - it's so colourful and so like me."

Despite the pain behind my eyes, I let her wear the darn outfit until she was ready to change it up.

The very next morning, she and I found time to go through her dresser drawers and cull them of everything that was too small...including both of those pieces, which she seemed not to mind at all because it "was a little too tight to wear" comfortably.

Thank goodness.

So...in answer to the question...yes, I'd say we're a little on the weird side.  Just a little.

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  1. Just a quick Hi! to say I'm here and reading and feeling equally busy/blessed. I could see my children flash before my eyes as I read the words "floods" and "ripped sweatpants" - that's our MO. I'm always grateful to be a homeschooler because there's nobody to bully my kids out of wearing red sweatpants with dinosaurs all over them - hey, they picked the fabric, I just sewed them! Looking forward to the weekend meet up. Hi to your brood.