Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lizzie's unintended Humour

Yesterday, after the kids assembled and baked their own little flatbread pizzas, Geoff cut up each square into four pieces.  The boys both wanted all four quarters of their pizzas on their plates, but when Geoff asked Lizzie if she wanted all four pieces of her pizza on her plate, her answer was:  "No, Dad, I'll just take two for now because I might want more later."

It reminded us of the guy who wants his pizza cut into twelve pieces rather than six because he's so hungry!  We laughed and laughed.


  1. That's so lovely!!
    ps. There's a great and related picture book (sorry, I can't resist a book recommendation!) called "The LIon's Share". Matthew would love the punny humour, but all three of them would enjoy the story.

  2. Jackie, you need never apologize for a book recommendation!!! Will check it out.