Monday, August 5, 2013

One More Birthday

This time it's mine.

The bad news is that I'm a year older...47, in fact.

The good news is that I've been telling people for the past year already that I'm 47...I've seriously thought it all year long and anyone asking me my age over the past year would have heard an accidental falsehood.  I feel mildly ripped off that I basically missed a whole year of being 46, but am ever so giddy about that fact that I get to re-live being 47!

I'm actually fine with my age.  Whatever.  It's how I feel on the inside that really counts, I figure.  I went through my mid-life crisis stuff at age 40 and, ever since then, I've been ok with my age.  Hopefully that kind of horrible crisis kind of time doesn't reoccur when I turn fifty in a couple of years (huh, actually it's in three years...see how I'm still thinking that I'm 48 today?!).

Last week Geoff and I celebrated my birthday early, because that's when my parents were available to take care of the kids while we went out.  He surprised me by taking me to one of the nicest restaurants in town and we ate steak, new potatoes, grilled asparagus, and steamed broccoli...delish!   I wish I had pictures to show you, but I don't.  Still, it was an awesome meal and it was nice to have an evening out together.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and we'll celebrate our big days together and cake shall be eaten by all!  How does it get better than eating birthday cake, even if I've already served it up five times in the past two weeks!??!!

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  1. Happy birthday! I totally get the birthday fatigue (although yours is worse than mine!) and I'm glad you get to end the season with a bang.