Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Lovely Little Song

I've never heard of this artist until a few days ago, but I saw this Youtube video and rather liked her song.  Enjoy Sara Bareilles' Brave with me!


  1. Soleil said, "Mom! I loooove this song!" then listened to it 15 times. The lyric version of the video is great too!

  2. I'm glad she liked it, Jen! I LOVE it...I keep listening to it over and over, too. I especially love that one line that goes something like "show me HOW BIG YOUR BRAVE IS!!"

    Awesome message in the words.

    Thanks. Ruth

  3. LOVE this song. I want to save a copy so that my daughters can listen to it when they are teenagers and need to be brave.

  4. LOVE. Checking out the album now... Thanks for sharing.