Thursday, July 4, 2013

Words, Words

I love the little words and expression Seth and Lizzie pick up here and there.  At noon today, Lizzie told me that lunch was "stupendous"...and then asked me if she'd used that word the right way.  I said that as long as she meant that lunch was marvelous or super-duper fantastic, then she'd used it the right way.  "Good," she said.  "Lunch was stupendous."

And earlier today she was trying to explain something to me in the van, and I couldn't quite grasp what she was telling me.  She sighed heavily and said, "Well, Mom, can you just trust me on this one?"  I said that yes, of course I could.

Even Seth, who forgets so readily the words that are attached to objects, has been increasing his vocabulary again of late.  Yesterday he told me something and then said that this was his "perspective on the situation."  I looked at him, shocked, and he laughed, fully knowing that he'd said something that would amaze me...crazy kid probably did it on purpose just to get that reaction out of me!

Anyway, despite the ongoing frustrations of hearing words like "geeses" and "stuffs," and "fridge" instead of "oven," language progress really is being made.

PS.  Just remembered one more...about 2-3 weeks ago, when I asked Lizzie to do something, she stopped short, put her hands on her hips (one of which she thrust out to match her pouting lip) and she said, "I so do not have to listen to you!"  I almost laughed out loud...but thankfully didn't 'cause otherwise I would have been hearing that same line until infinity.  Instead, I modelled her pose, and said back to her, "uhh, Lizzie, you so do have to listen to me!"  End of issue...she went and did what I asked.  But I couldn't help but think...what is this little girl going to be like as a teenager!!?!


  1. Amazing to hear of their progress. I had to laugh at their use of "geeses" and "stuffs". Around here tortillas are "portillas", we drink out of "water mountnins" and Kaitlyn has called chop sticks "pork chops" for so long that I find myself slipping up and calling them pork chops or fork chops as well!

  2. Thanks Kristin...and for your other comment as well.

    I find myself having to find extra patience for the word things...they drive me a little crazy...and I love hearing of your girls' little word idiosyncrasies! I have to keep reminding myself of how incredibly far they've come...but even then, it just makes me a little nuts some days. :)

  3. Well, around here, Cody still lapses back to calling hospitals "hostitals" and all meat is "chicken". He knows what both of those should be and can use the right words, but still reverts to those comfort words - and that's without language issues. And then there's Alexander. He absolutely LOVES repeating andd using new big words he hears. His current favourite is "suppose", which sounds like "I hoppose sooo" (said with a big 3 year old sigh of course).

  4. Thanks for the chuckle Ellen! And you reminded me of a Matthew-ism. Despite Matt having a great vocabulary and growing up surrounded by English, like your Alexander Matthew never says "suppose to" properly...instead, he always says "upposed to" but it's hard to hear that he's saying it this way because he says it so fast and you're left wondering if you were imagining things!
    I like how Alexander says it best...especially with the accompanying sigh.