Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'd Forgotten...

...how much one can accomplish with one kid at home instead of three!  :)

This morning, while the boys were away from 9 'til 3, it was just Lizzie and me.  We did a big grocery shop, stopped by Starbucks for Lizzie's first ever frappuccino treat (which she adored, btw), unloaded and put away all of the groceries, made about 80-100 mini bran muffins (with Lizzie 'helping' from start to finish), browned and seasoned beef, made a french bread dough recipe with which we made amazing homemade pizza roll-ups for lunches (which enabled me to teach Lizzie how to make bread and roll it out), dropped off a container of toys at a friend's house (and, of course, visited for a few minutes), stopped by my sister's to pick something up (and, of course, visited for a few minutes), and cleaned up the kitchen.

All of that between 9:30 and 2pm.  I haven't accomplished that much in such a short period of time in over two years!  I was stunned when I saw the time and realized we had another full hour before we needed to leave to pick up the boys up.

Best of all, Lizzie and I have had a great day together - it's one of the only days that she and I have ever spent together alone and it's been awesome.  She's been grinning all day and dancing and laughing and singing and telling me over and over and over again that she loves me "in my whole heart."

And guess what?  She and I have another three whole days to spend together while the boys are otherwise occupied!

Forget girls' night - we're enjoying a girls' week!!  Just me and my girl...how cool is that!!?!

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