Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Know Your Kids are a Little Strange When...

...the best part of their day is the visit to the dentist for a cleaning!

When I was growing up, the dentist was something to be feared and dreaded...I still have a hard time getting through those emotions when it's my turn for a dental visit and I seriously dread taking the kids to the dentist every time.

So on Tuesday, when I thought I'd make the day more palatable for the kids by buying them a special restaurant breakfast on route to the dentist's office, I needn't have wasted my money...when the kids found out they were going to the dentist's office, they were ecstatic and didn't even want to finish their breakfasts in order to get going sooner.  Seriously.

On the drive there, Matthew said that he had a bit of a stomach ache and I suggested compassionately that maybe he was a little anxious.

"About what?" he asked.

"Well," I responded, "I'm wondering if you're worried at all about the dentist visit we're going to."

"No," he said incredulously.  "I've had a cavity before and that didn't bother me...why would a cleaning bother's just a cleaning Mom.  I think I just ate a little too fast so that we could get going. That's why my stomach's bothering me."


Sure, the dentist's office caters to kids and they were able to watch part of a movie and play a few video games and play make-believe kitchen, etc.  But still, all three were genuinely happy to be there.  Lizzie told the hygienist that she was "so excited" because she'd get to have that "spicy stuff" in her mouth at the end of her cleaning - by which she was referring to the fluoride treatment!  Later, when I was booking an appointment for their next cleaning in six months, the kids all groaned because they wanted to come back sooner.

Who are these children?

Seriously, my kids really do enjoy life to the max.  The fight and squabble and whine and complain just like every other kid, but I never have any problems engaging them in life.  They're always just ready to go...anywhere.  Both the hygienist and the dentist commented, shaking their heads, that they don't typically get these kinds of reactions from kids.  My kids kept trying to carry on conversations while their mouths were open and being cleaned, and they laughed their way through their appointments; the staff said that they were delightful!

I think I need to get those staff comments in writing to present to all of those h/schooling skeptics who like to express concern about the risks of h/schooling on 'socialization!'  On the other hand, maybe my kids are a little 'out there' - after all, it is a little strange how much they love going to the dentist!


  1. This one cracked me up! I love love love going to the dentist :-) I would rather go to the dentist than the optometrist ANY DAY! When I was a kid our trips to the dentist were a two hour drive to another town, special lunch at the Chinese restaurant and then crazy antics in the waiting room. The chairs in the waiting room creaked every time someone moved so we made it a game. We would twist our nose as we creaked our chairs and fall over laughing. Now I love the dentist because I love the feeling of super clean teeth. But I think having such great dentist experiences as a child really help. Love that your kids have so much fun at the dentist and embrace all of life! Allison

  2. OK, Allison, now I'm thinking YOU might be a little strange! jk.

    Maybe there's something surrounding making the dentist a bit of an event that makes it palatable...even enjoyable. Maybe going out for breakfast on Tuesday helped make the day memorable or sounds like eating out was part of the routine that made it special in your family.

    I just can't get my head around loving the trip to the dentist!!

    Thanks Allison! Funny.


  3. Ugh- I definitely don't love going to the dentist, but my two girls are always delighted. Our awesome dentist does silly balloon tricks, tells jokes and decorates them with plastic jewelry to wear home. They think it is the best time ever and can't wait to go back. They "play dentist" at home all the time and poke into each other's mouths. Too weird.

  4. Man, have times changed huh?? My kids' dentist doesn't do any tricks or anything (in fact, they're fairly serious with the kids) but yeah, for some reason they love it. It IS strange!


  5. Now the truth comes out :-) I'm likely more than a little strange! But truly okay with that. I grew up in a bush town in northern Ontario soooo going to the dentist was a super fun yearly event. I also eat weird things and see funny pictures in my mind.... hahaha,thanks for joking around with me via the internet! Allison

  6. Allison, Allison, as you get to know me better you'll know that I'm extremely curious and you simply. cannot. say something like "I also eat weird things" without fessing up what those weird things are. Come on...let's hear it...

    Another weirdo here,


  7. So my dad started me off on my "I'll try anything once journey" by feeding us moose heart. It was disgusting! I grew up eating mostly moose meat as we couldn't afford much else. We did nose to tail cooking long before it was popular :-) I will try most anything once. I have had amazing chicken feet soup (which in some cultures is not overly adventurous). Snake, wild boar, alligator soups as well. My uncles are trappers and hunters so I have eaten bear, well basically anything that moves. I have eaten horse steak - on purpose in Belgium. The most unusual thing I have eaten by north american standards is guinea pig. AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!! A delicacy in the Andes, we tried them in Ecuador and I really enjoyed it - so much so that my hubby took me to a restaurant for valentines day in Ecuador that specialized in Cui(guinea pig). They are served whole, head on,teeth in tact - my warped brain immediately thought - WOW the ultimate food fight how fun!!! Not to mention dog treat "jerky" that my mom fed to me when I was a teenager and laughed till she cried when she told me what it was. Dog biscuits the other day because my niece and nephew tried it and said they were quite bland, here try one Auntie.

    The only thing I have turned down was some sort of pinkish red stuff in Papua New Guinea that a couple women were making and offered to me and a friend. I was about to take some when one woman spit in hers and kept stirring. I realized it was basically something marinated in spit - that crosses the line in my opinion!

    That's all I can think of right now, there might be more... Ah the world or weirdo's is never boring, we really do rock :-)

  8. Wow, that IS a unique background, Allison! Guinea pigs - I've NEVER heard of that...amazing. And good for you for turning down the spit thing - I think I would have gagged!
    Dog jerky - that's a great story - your mother clearly had a sense of humour in your teenage years - good for her.

    My eating years have been pretty tame by thanks for sharing your awesome stories...makes me wonder what you ET-born kids are in for in terms of eating experiences!! :)