Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Words

We've had the younger kids for ten weeks now.  Their language is progressing beautifully, in my opinion.  Lizzie's language is a bit simpler than Seth's (understandably, given that she's younger than Seth), but she understands almost as much vocabulary as he does, and is becoming an excellent imitator.

Here are a bunch of new phrases from Seth, used this past week:

"Mommy, cut up more mango please."

"Can I have some milk please?"

"Asrat love coffee.  Can I have some?"

"What did I do?"

"I didn't touch you." (to Matthew)

"I don't like that - don't do that!"

"Thank you, Jesus, for Daddy and Mommy and Lizzie Senait and Mattie and Seth Asrat and Grandpa and Grandma and Auntie L and Uncle A and Uncle D and (birth community names) and (the names of five cousins) and Auntie J and food and bed and home and bicycle."

"Matthew, no crash into me."

"Come on guys.  Move it!"

"Oh come on, Mommy, please?" (when wanting chocolate at the grocery store)

"Matthew, get out of the way please.  I jump now."

"Matthew, I not out of your way.  Do not jump on me."

"Mommy, Matthew hit.  Push.  Tell Matthew no push."

"I have an idea." (and he did - he used his bike pedal as a kickstand for his bike, manipulating it rather cleverly to hold it upright and to look like Matthew's bike!)

"Buckle up?  Or no buckle up?" (about getting into the car)

"I ride bicycle driveway, please?"

"Daddy at work.  Come home soon?"

"Tomorrow go on bus?" (the day before a planned ride on a city bus)

"There! Chuggy chuggy train on train track.  Thomas??"


  1. Wow, the language is REALLY coming fast. That is awesome. Such cute little phrases too.

    I hope are feeling very refreshed after you weekend away, too.