Friday, June 28, 2013

It's 2 am...

...and I just got home from the airport, where I was amongst the welcoming committee greeting dear friends who are now new parents bringing home their seriously beautiful little boy from Ethiopia.  I can't imagine being more excited than I was to be standing there waiting to see their faces, knowing how long these folks have waited to bring home their precious son, and remembering the day just over two years ago when it was us coming down that escalator into the waiting arms of family and friends.  What a wonderful moment...both then and now!

Adoption is an ongoing, complex, joyful, sorrowful, roller-coaster of a journey for all involved but today is a day to celebrate and to thank God for the blessing of a child.

Welcome home to Canada, little Eli, and may God bless your family abundantly!  The next chapter of your life has just begun!

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