Monday, June 10, 2013

Forever Family Day: Two Years Together!!!

It was two years ago today that Geoff and I took custody of the children who would complete our family unit.  How far we've come!  We are blessed and thankful for the miracles of all three of our children!


Our first view of them when we came to pick them tiny.
In the van leaving the orphanage/transition house...the beginning of the rest of our lives!

A family of five forever.

...and now!

What a ride it's been...but we wouldn't change a thing and cannot imagine our lives without these precious blessings in our lives!!


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    They have grown sooooo much. Their smiles say so much. Actually, the smiles on all 5 of you tell the story of how far you have travelled as a family to get to this day.

  2. They're amazing, aren't they???!! I'm totally wowed myself! We've ALL come a long ways, you're right.

    Thanks Ellen!


    1. Why yes, they are amazing. Our children have faced great challenges early in their lives and look at them all today... they are truly amazing!
      And, you're welcome :-)

  3. Congratulations on two years together! I cannot believe how little they both were in those first pictures.

  4. Wow...what beautiful children they were...and what beautiful children they are...and the way living as a Branson has helped their bodies flourish...quite astonishing. Celebrating the last two years...the difficult and glorious, the terrifying and terrific, the tumultuous and the stable...just beautiful--the whole of you as a family, now.

  5. The picture of Seth hugging his Mama brought tears to my eyes! Wow, they have grown and flourished. All three of them shine! Beautiful.

  6. Thanks Allison - that picture is one of my absolute favourites!! It is so symbolic to me of all of the incredible changes that he (and we all) have gone through. This boy who could not hug me or tell me he loved me just a few months ago is ALL OVER me every day - he loves me with his whole heart (as he often tells me) and demonstrates it with great affection many, many times throughout the day. Him snuggled up to me in that picture is what it's like around here with him. It's an absolute joy to me!



  7. What an incredible journey! You have a beautiful family. I can't get over how much all three of your kids have grown and changed in two years.

  8. Thanks Heather! It's pretty astonishing to us how the kids have changed in such a relatively short period of time. Seth has grown over a foot and Lizzie's not far behind. They're both still small for their ages by Canadian standards, but Seth finally reached the 15th percentile for height, which is amazing given that when they came home to Canada he was so far below the 0.01th percental that his weight didn't even register on the PAGE (much less on the growth chart curves)! Amazing.

    I love seeing these before and now pictures - they're a good reminder to me, too.