Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Three Little Pigs' House of...Toothpicks?

Unlike the watercolour/weaving art, this was not an art project.  This was the output of the boys not knowing what to do with themselves one day...I like to call it toothpick art!  Matthew spent over an hour creating different toothpick designs and this house/garage/playground is the picture he ended up with.  Seth liked what he saw from Matthew and so he took on making a picture too:  Also a house and a garage.

Matthew's work is right-side up here.  I like the smoke coming out of the chimney and the shingles on the roof of both house and garage, and I like the swing set, too.  The triangular, miniature-house-looking-things at the front represent a picket fence.

This is Seth's work...not bad, heh, for a kid who couldn't even draw a stick person a year ago??!  Here he drew an actual stick person!  My favourite part of his picture?  Absolutely the car he created sitting in the garage - on the left side.

Amazing the creativity that can be generated when one allows time and opportunity for kids to come up with their own ideas of play!  The best part was the clean-up...all they did was blow their little houses down and shovel the toothpicks into a baggie.

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