Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cycling Club Starts Again

The boys' cycling club started up again a few weeks ago.   When I signed them up online a couple of months ago, the boys sat looking over my shoulder to supervise my completing the task - they were terrified that something would go wrong and they wouldn't be able to join up this year.

Seth's bike from last summer was clearly too small for him this year so he was the excited recipient of a new bike this spring...a bike exactly like the one Matthew received a year ago.  So now they're well equipped.  Matthew's best bud is going this year as well, which makes the evenings out even better for him.

Because the weather has been so cold and snowy/icy this spring, the kids and coaches met indoors on the first evening.  The kids met their coaches and the other kids they'll be cycling with; they also completed safety and bike checks; and then did some basic obstacle courses...not the most inspiring beginning, but better than being able to do nothing at all.

But the second evening out, two days later, one city park was deemed rideable and so that's where they've been riding since.  Although the boys are itching to get to the bigger parks again, they were thrilled last week to get to ride through water-filled ditches, filling their boots with water and splashing their clothes and bikes full of mud.  They loved it!

There are about fifty kids in the club, and they're divided into five or six groups.  Each group has two coaches, and parents are welcome to ride with them.  One of Matthew's and Seth's coaches is the same that they finished last year with, which is lovely for continuity and familiarity...especially because they really enjoyed her.

Anyway, just a few snaps of the boys:
The first night, inside a curling rink because of the horrid weather outside.  This is the whole group of them.

Meeting their coaches.

My handsome boys..with matching shirts and matching bikes!
The second evening was held outside, despite the lingering bits of snow

My boys are in red

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  1. I love to see them doing something they enjoy! They are going to have a great season!