Saturday, April 27, 2013

This Week's Journal

Places we went and people we saw...
...I'm writing this from the same Retreat centre where I spent several 24-hour periods in 2012 as I struggled to maintain my sanity through a rough transition to our new family situation.  I haven't been here for many months, but it was time...I'm enjoying a bit of solitude, the absolute quiet, time to lie on the bed and just think for a few hours.  I hope (perhaps in vain) to nap today. :)

...the week began with my parents over for soup and bread last Sunday; I had a massage (my third ever...and all in the past eight weeks...and I haven't had a tension headache since the first one!); a friend dropped by spontaneously to visit outside with me for a while, while the kids played around us; the kids and I went to a new friend's house for tea and a visit with their family's rabbits, guinea pig and cats (the dog was blessedly tucked away during our visit - because Lizzie is so terrified of anything canine); and the rest of the week I can't remember because I don't have my calendar with me and because my brain appears to be on hiatus since I am hiatus today.

In our homeschool this week...
...all formal curriculum stayed on the sideboard in the dining room!  On Monday morning, when I told the kids that I wanted to talk about our school plans for the week, Matthew visibly hung his head and sighed deeply.  I couldn't help but see his dejection and was so glad to know that I was about to announce the unexpected.  When I then told them that we were taking the whole week off of school, and that Matthew needed only to work at out loud reading and piano practice, his face lit up with relief and even joy.  The boys both shrieked with delight and promptly asked if they could go out and ride their felt good to say yes to this at eight o'clock in the morning (though our neighbours may have wished differently)!

...we played games, did puzzles, cleaned out some cupboards, read out loud, baked, did some painting and other crafty things, went to the library, horsed around outside.  The boys spent a lot of time outside:  Building jumps and ramps for their bikes and scooters; climbing the big tree out front; stomping in the mud; and hitting balls onto the roof (oh yay) with tennis rackets.  Yesterday afternoon the kids and I were outside for 4.5 hours, just being together in the blissful warmth that finally hit our neck of the woods late this week.

...the kids also went gym class, their last Awana of the year, music/piano lessons, and the boys went out twice with their cycling club (and this week they got to ride through huge ditches of melted snow...water so deep that their boots filled with water and their backs were all mud-splashe...they loved it!!).

My favourite things this week were...
...not officially doing school.

...sitting in absolute silence right now with the window open at face level and the fresh air washing over me.

What's working for us...
...again, I'd have to say that not doing official school is pretty much exactly the right thing for the time being.

...I gotta tell you that Geoff's been pretty terrific of late (and he doesn't read my blog so I have no reason to say this other than out of genuine appreciation).  He's been more helpful around the house lately with kitchen clean-up and laundry, and it was his initiative that prompted my being on silent retreat right now.  Last Sunday, after a tiring week, Geoff suggested I stay home from church just to rest up a little, while he took the kids; when he came home, it was bearing flowers and a Starbucks hot cider.  It's amazing how these little and not-so-little things can add up to feeling cared about.  

Things I'm working on...
...I've got lots of things percolating in my brain these days; being away last night and today is giving me a chance to actually process some of them.  

I'm cooking/baking...
...German schnetze (thin little biscuit things that taste awesome with butter and jam/cheese), a lovely artisan bread that I've quickly grown to love since a friend gave me the recipe a few weeks ago, and banana bread.  On the meal prep side, I was in the mood for comfort foods this week because it's still been chilly outside, so two soups made it onto the menu plan:  A dynamite Hamburger soup (I'll try to remember to post this recipe); and some homemade chicken noodle soup.

I'm grateful for...

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  1. Hooray for retreats! Hooray for school that allows learning to flow with the kids! Hooray for massages! Hooray for mamas that take care of themselves!