Friday, April 5, 2013

Pizza and Movie Night

So, turns out that Geoff's working late tonight and I don't feel like cooking dinner.  The internet being the convenient place that it sometimes is, I just ordered pizza for delivery in a half hour and the kids and I are going to watch a movie and eat pizza in front of the tv.  The kids were so excited (mostly by the prospect of eating in front of the tv, I think!) that they have been jumping up and down for the past ten minutes since I announced the plan.  I feel a little guilty because I was out for dinner last night already, on my night off, but whatever...

It's been so long since I ordered in pizza that I didn't even know where to order from!  Usually we just make pizza ourselves, or assemble some sauce and toppings overtop flatbread.  But not tonight.  Tonight we feast on someone else's probably-crappy cooking.

Nothing like a bit of spontaneity to change the outlook of an evening!

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully the pizza was great--you deserve the break my friend! :-)