Friday, April 26, 2013

Movie Night?

If you're looking for a different kind of movie to watch on a Friday night, I recently watched a little French (subtitled) film called Romantics Anonymous that I rather liked.  It's a romantic comedy about a chocolatier and a chocolate factory owner, both of whom are emotionally challenged.  It's definitely a little quirky, but I have to say that I rather enjoyed it.  Tell me what you think if you decide to watch it!

Here's the trailer:


  1. Hi Ruth, it's been a while since I've commented (usually on books) but I'll pipe up to comment on this movie, which I really liked. I thought this was such a visually pleasing film to watch, as well as a great story.

    I also thought I should comment today, because I dreamt about you last night! If I read about your life so much that it is working it's way into my dreams, I think I should speak up more! In my dream, you and I were making birthday cakes in preparation for a rush of summertime birthdays. I woke up and thought "You know, I think her family actuallyy DOES have a rush of summertime birthdays all in a row! Yikes!"

    Take care, Jill
    (still waiting on a referral from Imagine/MOT)

  2. Hi Jill, and thanks so much for the it.

    Glad you liked the movie - it was a little quirky, but yes, I thought it was lovely to look at, too, and quite painfully funny at times!

    And your dream is correct!! We do have a rush of summer birthdays in our household - 4 birthdays in 12 days, I think. Too funny!! I just wish your dream could also manufacture the actual birthday cakes, too, because I admit that I'm not much of a birthday planning person and find them rather stressful. So I'd appreciate if you could instruct yourself in your dreams to do some cake baking and pass them along!

    ANd still waiting for a referral. Sigh. I'm so sorry it's taking this long. Do you have any indication from MOT how much longer? It's just such a painful process and nothing easy about it. I can hardly wait for your news.

    Again, thanks for being here and for commenting...and have a great weekend, Jill!