Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Application of Math

The other day, Matthew and I were talking about the assessment he'd received from his skating coach for the past few months' classes.  I was reviewing with him the detailed list of things his coach had checked off as being accomplished.  One of those accomplishments was being able to skate multiples times around the perimeter of the arena.

"What's perimeter, Mom?" he asked.

I was about to tell him when he interrupted and said, "Wait a second...is this kind of perimeter the same as we did in Math a while ago?"

"Yes," I responded.  "Do you remember what it means?"

"Yeah," was the answer.  "It means that I can skate around the very outside of the rink, and that I'm not skating through the inside area of the arena.  Is that right?"


I could almost see him thinking 'Hah.  Who knew?  I guess there's a use for Math after all.'

What I was thinking was, Holy Cow - he actually remembered something that I taught him!!

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