Thursday, March 7, 2013

Touching Base (and a note about

It's been such a busy week so far - amongst all of the usual things, Matthew's birthday celebrations seem to have taken a huge amount of time and mental energy from our usual week's quotas.  I have stuff to post but not a lot of time at this moment to write.

I just wanted to mention that for anyone whose kids are audible book fans, has a big sale on right now.

I just spent $55 and one of my saved credits; for that, I purchased 77 hours of quality audio book listening time.  How awesome is that?!!!  I spent cash on books that were marked down to as low as $4, and I used the credit on one book collection that, even marked down, was still $22 (but which included an entire 8-volume series of books).

Even as I write this, Matthew is finishing up his second straight hour in the dining room, building a K'nex roller coaster and listening to a great audio book.  Every ten minutes or so I wander into the dining room to sneak in a kiss and ask if he's ok, and every 20 minutes or so he wanders out to wherever I am and tells me how much fun he's having...and then he's gone again.  Audio books have been one of the best things ever for that kid, and Seth and Lizzie aren't far behind.

More coming soon.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I actually don't know many people using audible books, but I can think of many who would enjoy them. I'm definitely going to check it out for my sister. Several years ago, a service club donated cassette tape playing bears to children with visual impairments, but the sound quality was awful and book supply limited. A lovely, thoughtful gesture that was perfect for some children, just not our girl. You've made gift-giving easier for my niece too. She's a relatively reluctant reader, but if she could listen and build her legos, she'd be thrilled. Thanks yet again!

  2. Yes, there are soooo many audio books available now, Janelle - I've been amazed by the selection. I'm glad that some of my thoughts on the matter might make things a little better for your sister or for your niece.