Monday, February 25, 2013

Games' Night

It's great that the kids are more and more into games.  Most days we pull out some game or another:  Matthew really likes chess; Seth is into checkers; and Lizzie likes playing a Ladybug game that's for younger kids.  These games along with Blokus, Connect 4, Sorry, Bingo, Yahtzee Jr, Kerplunk, and various card games all factored into this past week's activities.

What are your favourite family games?  I'm always on the lookout for games for kids in the 6-9 age range.

Family games' night last weekend.  I taught Matthew to play Rummy and 21 this week, while the others played Yahtzee Jr.



  1. That's fun, Ruth. We love playing games, too although we don't pull them out as often as we should. Our absolute favourite is family charades (we got it at Chapters - they have cards for all ages in the box so Lizzy could just look at a picture and act it out). We also really like kids Pictionary and Sequence. So nice to see pictures of your family!

  2. Thanks Anita...great game ideas. I've never even heard of Sequence, but will check it out; and I didn't know that a kids' version of Pictionary existed and I'll bet it's great! I'm heading to Chapters for another reason in a couple of days so I'm going to ask about Family Charades...this is just the kind of game to induce silly behaviours!

    Thanks again!