Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seth's Drawing Progress

In September, I posted about the progress of Seth's fine motor skills.  I'm posting the link to that post here, and hope that it works because I'm having a few little challenges with Blogger at the moment:

By September, Seth's drawing had progressed from drawing simple "U" and "O" shapes to the point of drawing characters that resembled people - although the arms and legs generally emerged out of the character's heads.  In November, literally overnight, he began to draw stick people with bodies, and with arms and legs emerging from those bodies.

Just before Christmas, we saw another progression: Now he draws the usual stick figure, but in addition to arms and legs, he now adds clothing to his people and even colours them in, and often adds in various other details, such as earrings on the people's ears.  Most of his characters also suddenly now include five fingers, and three or five toes at the end of each foot.

Anyway, I just find it fascinating to see how his brain is able to develop in certain areas at one time and then in different areas a week or two's almost tangible to see how his brain is developing and integrating in some areas, and how other areas of development take a backseat for a time.

Here's one of Seth's mid-December pictures, of Seth (on the left) with me. It's not the best one he's drawn, but it's one that I particularly like.  Notice that Seth is carrying a flower for me and that we're both smiling (significant things for Seth).  The creature below us is a dog that I apparently gave to the Seth in the picture!  (Guess what he really wants!)  I thought the dog was rather impressive, because Seth drew the face in profile (only one eye and ear visible) and he explained that the dog only had three legs because the fourth leg was hidden behind one of the other legs.  The dog also has a butt!  I also love the picture because he drew me as a thin person (with pockets inside out, he explained!)...I won't ever see that in real life but a fictional account will do!!


  1. My goodness, this could be Seth's angle as an artist! He could draw people as they wish the world could see them, like he's done for you. I simply love that he's bringing you flowers. However, I'll also admit that I love that showcasing the dog's bottom was more important than the 4th leg. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Janelle...yes, the dog's butt cracked me up, too (no pun intended until now, when I actually realize that this works!!).