Friday, January 25, 2013

And Just for My Own Enjoyment...

When I bought my iPad last year, I suddenly had access to one of my favourite childhood games: Three-Minute Boggle...only this time it was an online version.

I played it a number of times after bringing my new iPad home; then completely forgot about it for months...until last week, in fact.  One afternoon, after getting the kids into a quiet time, I pulled out my iPad and started playing around with it. Since then I've played it each evening for about twenty minutes before falling asleep and my scores have been getting better and better.  My better scores usually range in the 65-95 point range (a 3-letter word generates 1 point), but I've had a few highlights that I want to brag about simply because it's nice to feel competent at something!

So here are my finer highlights:

Highest score:  135
Best words:  Quitters; hitters; leisure; leisures; slotters.

Pretty silly, huh?  But seriously, in a week that my brain desperately needed a little numbing, Boggle was a sanity-saver for me last week.  The game appeal is starting to fade a little though, and I'm hoping that, subconsciously, this means that things are a wee bit better around here and my brain isn't quite so's to hoping.



  1. Never heard of Word Warp...will have to check that out, too. And someone just sent me an email suggesting the game Ruzzle or Razzle, or something. Who knew??!


  2. Oh my goodness...I knew we were kindred spirits! Next time you come over, we will have to have a Boggle tournament!!!

  3. ha ha ha, my dear friend...I shall look forward to the challenge!!!