Friday, December 14, 2012

School Shootings

I heard just a short time ago about the mass shooting that took place earlier today in Newtown, Connecticut.  As I understand it, this is the second worst school shooting in U.S. history:  Dead are 18 elementary-age students, all between the ages of five and ten; at least 7 adults; the gunman; and someone else, found in the gunman's home.  Add this horrible tragedy to the slashings that took place in China today, also at an elementary school, and it adds up to a horrific, worldwide nightmare.

A grade one teacher in Newtown apparently locked her fourteen students in a bathroom and the terrified children were crying and expressing that they just wanted one more Christmas with their families.

Here we are planning a great family Christmas, and elsewhere in the world such horrible things happen.  There is so much evil, so much tragedy, in this world. 

I couldn't stop my tears as I looked at the faces of parents waiting to find out whether or not their child was still alive.  I just can't imagine.  My heart and prayers are with those families.  

We just never know how much time we will have on this earth, or how much time we'll have with those we hold most dear.  We really don't know.  Oh, may we wake up and understand what we should be doing on this earth while we still have a chance.  May we make the most of each moment because it might be our last.  

Make it count.

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