Thursday, November 15, 2012


We've been looking at pictures around here again and the two below caught my eye.  It's Lizzie and Seth on the plane ride home to Canada from Ethiopia just over seventeen months ago.  They were so tiny and 'puffy' looking!  I particularly love the picture of Seth sleeping on top of my Dad, who traveled with us.

Seth has loved my Dad from the time of first meeting him on the day that Geoff and I went to pick the kids up from our agency's transition home.  I'm convinced that my Dad's presence in Ethiopia, and their figuring out soon after arriving in Canada that my Mom was attached to him, paved the way for the loving and close bond that they have with both of my parents now.

We see my parents one or two times/week but still, every. single. time. my (three) kids know that they're going to see Grandpa and Grandma, they jump up and down and shriek with joy.  My Mom and Lizzie have this mutual adoration society going on that I don't fully understand, but hardly a day goes by when Lizzie doesn't sigh heavily and ask when are we going to be able to see Grandma again.  Grandma seems as smitten as her grand daughter.

And when my Dad injured his leg so badly this summer, Lizzie began praying for him fervently.  He's thankfully getting much better and gaining strength in his injured leg every day, but still Lizzie prays on.  I asked her on Tuesday (while lunching with her beloved Grandma and Grandpa) who she prays the most often for and she promptly answered "Grandpa."  And it's true.

All three of my kids adore their grandparents and there seems to be a relationship between them that is quite different than the relationship between parent/child.  I feel quite blessed that they're able to have this special bond.

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  1. I LOVE that your kids adore gma and gpa! The pic of Seth sleeping on your dad almost made me weep. I see this with my nieces too--they simply eat up whatever my parents offer (which is a lot of love and attention) and they give back a kind of love that is so unique to gchildren. Mutual adoration indeed!