Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is one of Lizzie's and my favourite lunches:  whole wheat flatbread; a slice of marble cheese melted onto it; a thick layer of homemade (rather green!) super-garlicky hummus; halved grape tomatoes; a handful of spinach leaves; a few halved falafel; a bit of S&P; and a bunch of sprouts (which I added after taking this picture).  She and I like to share one of these sandwich-wrappy things: we take bites from both ends and eventually, when there's not much left, she laughs and laughs when our lips "bump" in the middle and we both try to steal the last delicious bite.  I could eat this sandwich every day.


  1. Yum-that looks good. Do you make the falafel yourself?

  2. It's so delicious, Kristin, that I want one now and it's 10:30pm! I'll have to wait for lunch tomorrow.

    No, I don't make the falafel myself. I've bought them from a few places, though the ones I keep coming back to are from Costco - there are lots in the bag, and I keep the bag in the freezer and just thaw/warm what I need for lunch. Makes for a very fast lunch!

    I do make the hummus, though, and it's a dynamite addition!

    PS. I figured you'd like this post!