Thursday, September 13, 2012

3.5 cemtimetres (or 1.5 inches)

That's how much growth took place between my kids during the past few weeks.  I looked at Lizzie on Tuesday morning just after she woke up and knew she'd grown overnight...and sure enough, she was about 1.5 cm taller than just a few short weeks ago.  Same thing with Matthew; and Seth added that extra 0.5 cm to the total.  I guess that explains the appetites over the past few weeks.  Amazing how that happens.

The other thing I've noticed is with regard to Lizzie.  When we were watching the boys' swimming lessons in August, she often played with two other little girls there - all three girls were born within a month of each other.  To my surprise, my five-year-old was pretty much the same height as the other two girls...and waaay curvier.  Granted the other girls were a little on the petite side, but still...last year September, when Lizzie started her first gymnastics class with other four- and five-year olds, she was a full head shorter than the next smallest girl in her class of about fifteen girls.

Huh.  I hope they don't grow up too quickly.

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