Friday, August 10, 2012

Love and Belonging.

A few comments from Lizzie this week...gotta love this girl.

"Mommy, I love you in my whole heart.  For ever and ever."

"Mommy, I am sad that I had to left Eeteeopia, and I didn't want that Gashi left me at the orphanage and I was sad, but I love you and it's good that we are a family here now.  I love our family."

"Mommy, I was sad to leave Eetopia, but now I don't want to be in Eetopia too much anymore, and I am glad to be here at home with you and I'm not sad anymore and I love you in my whole heart."

Such profound and mixed emotions coming from a girl who just turned five two weeks ago.  In many ways she's such a typical little girl...but then stuff like her last comment comes from her as she's sliding on her crocs and getting ready to go play in the backyard but turns back first to tell me the jumble of feelings she's processing in her heart.  Then I remember how precious it really is that she's here and dealing with her stuff and that she's mine forever more.

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