Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Year Ago Today...

...was a day that we will never forget.

...Geoff's, Matthew's and my life changed forever.

...we were in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in a van on route to our agency's transition house, knowing that a couple of hours later, we would be leaving that place with two tiny children coming away with us...forever.

...Seth (at age 5...almost 6) was wearing size 2 clothing.  His little sister (at age 4...almost 5) was wearing size 18 month clothing.

...Seth's and Lizzie's lives changed forever. felt surreal.  Geoff and I signed custody papers and were suddenly parents to two little people we didn't know at all and who neither spoke nor understood a word of English.

...Matthew, at the age of seven, became a big brother and suddenly had siblings.

...we brought Seth Asrat and Lizzie Senait into our hearts and home.

...we thanked God for the miracle of all three of our children.

...we became a family of five.

...after ten years of dreaming, praying, crying, hoping...our dreams finally came true:  we were a family complete...

...we became a Forever Family.

(p.s. I'll post pictures of then and now when my computer decides that it wants to talk with my camera once again!)


  1. And the most difficult year is over!!!!!! (until they become teenagers!)

    Loved reading about your journey to a family of five!


  2. Happy Forever Family Day!!!...a day that likely has a mixedness to it...but a tone of joy undeniably fills today's blog and all other blog entries. Thanx for making it possible for us to see so many clear snapshots of what this last year has been like. Blessings toyou all!