Monday, June 4, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

It's fascinating to me now that less than a week ago I had never met Sharla and now it's as if we've known each other for years.  I wish in many ways that the kids and I were staying longer because Sharla's kids and my kids have played seamlessly (and endlessly!!) with each other, and I felt over the weekend that I was increasingly relaxed and comfortable and myself, finding a place in Sharla's home and amongst her family.  I think she and I would agree that we've gotten along beautifully and somehow better and better as the days went by.  For those in the adoption world who have read her blogs and posts and books and who might have talked with her by phone or email, she really is as lovely a person for real as she seems to be!!

I felt so sad when leaving my dear friend in Calgary last week but I didn't anticipate, when we came to Sharla's place just days ago, that I would feel sad when having to leave here, too.  I had a lump in my throat last night when her kids asked if I could come up and kiss them good night once they were ready for bed, and I loved doing that.  They are lovely children, every one of them, and it feels like I have made a connection with each.  I even got to tuck into bed the little one that I have prayed for for so long, and as I kissed her forehead goodnight and told her how beautiful I thought she was both inside and out, I buried deep into my heart the image of her smiling little face surrounded by a mound of pillows and blankets.

There are many things that I have tucked into my heart about our trip to both Calgary and Edmonton.  I have been blessed to spend time with such lovely people, to deepen friendships both old and new. As I get ready to start the day now with a quick packing and loading up of our laundry baskets of clothes, as I pray for a safe journey home, as I somewhat sadly ponder our reintegration into a more routine life, as I sift through fond memories of the past almost-two weeks in Alberta, I know that I leave more than a little piece of my heart here.  Home is here, too.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've had such a great time. I can only imagine how neat it would be to connect with a lovely someone with whom you share so many common experiences. Awesome! We're thinking and talking about you - I looked at your list of summer things to do and we'd like to connect up, if you're into it, on either the strawberry picking or river taxi adventure... two things we'd also like to do again. Wishing you the safest of travels.

  2. Hi Ruth!
    sounds like your adventure was quite a hit! I'm so happy for you and the little ones! I really enjoyed reading some of your blogs. Looking forward to seeing you this week? or next?.... soon.
    Take care and drive safe and quietly ;)
    Tanay Marinelli

  3. Yes, yes on both counts!! Looking forward to it...and thanks for the comments!!