Friday, June 15, 2012

The Prayer of a Child.

The kids have a new friend in Alberta who has many health struggles and who all-too-often ends up in the hospital for a day or two or a week.  She's been there again this week.  It's so hard on their whole family.  I've been praying for them for a few years already, but it's only been since our visit to Alberta that my kids have been praying for their new little friend quite faithfully.

Surprisingly, it's my Lizzie who often takes the lead in this and who seems to understand the need for prayer - she will often direct the boys (and me!) to pray for their friend, G.   I have told the kids many times that they can talk to God any time and that He is always near.  Having faith that speaks to His nearness is not an issue for Lizzie; she takes this remarkably for granted.

Two mornings ago, I overheard Lizzie mumbling quietly to herself.  This was rather unusual because she's generally my loudest kid.  I moved closer and this is the piece that I heard:

"...Please help G- come out the hospital soon.  Help her to get better.  Help her to keep to breathe.  Make her better.  In Jesus' name, amen."

There is something powerful about a child's prayer and my eyes were a little damp as I listened to Lizzie and observed her earnest demeanor with face buried in her hands.  When she looked up and saw me standing there, she looked a little sheepish and maybe even a bit defensive, and she said that she remembered me saying that she can pray anywhere she wants.  I simply said that she was absolutely right and that I believed God heard her prayer and was delighted by it.

From her lips to God's ears...may He choose to intervene in little G's life and restore her to full health.

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  1. amen. That is real faith, just like we are all called to. Nothing as refreshing or gut wrenching as listening to our little ones pour our their heart, and expect answers...