Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Corners' Breakfast.

I'm sitting in a tiny little diner in White Rock, BC, around the corner from my brother's house.  Seven little tables and a counter, with a wide-planked brown floor underneath it all.  It's a great little spot.  I'm sipping on orange juice and waiting for my classic egg and toast breakfast to arrive...the guy at the next table just suggested that I try the HP sauce on the hashbrowns.  Ok.  This is supposed to be the best place for breakfast around here and from the looks of the plates floating by, I'd have to say that the reputation is warranted.

I'm tired.  But happy.

Tired because there hasn't actually been time for me to sit in a coffee shop somewhere reading a book, as I'd supposed there might be.  On Wednesday, given that I had to get up at some unearthly hour to catch my flight and then stayed up late visiting etc, I think I was up for about 23 hours - which is obviously not allowing for enough rest time.  And yesterday, after we got back to my brother's from my nephew's grad at about 10:30, it seemed a shame not to take advantage of all of the lovely beachfront little restaurants - so my brother and I sat in one of those places for a while and caught up a little.  It was again pretty late by the time I fell asleep.  At least I was able to sleep until about 8 this morning.

I'm happy because I've had a wonderful time here so far.  I have loved spending a bit of time with my nephews and brother, and yesterday I got to spend a chunk of the day with a newish friend that I met in Ethiopia last year when Geoff and I, and she and her husband, were attending court.  They brought their little boy home just before we did last year.  I thought then, and it's confirmed now, that we have much in common.  It would be nice if we lived a little closer to each other.

Shortly, I'm off to meet an old friend for a quick cup of coffee.  I can hardly wait to see her - it's been almost two years since I've spent time with her.

But it's time to sign off.  My basted eggs just arrived and the smell...well, you'll have to come yourself sometime and try it out.

Where's that HP sauce?


  1. If you're looking for fun souvenirs, there's an interesting little toy store in Crescent Beach, on the main drag (Beecher). Welcome to my neighborhood!

  2. I had no idea you were in this neck of the woods - how awesome is that!! I've thought several times that you and I might have things in common...I'm glad at least to be in your haunting grounds!!



    PS. I've driven by that toy store!

  3. P.S. What is your blog address?? I'd love to read it but when I click on your name it's not working for some reason.