Thursday, May 3, 2012

Woody the Woodpecker?

Sadly, a lot of birds die at our house.  We have huge, two-storey high windows along the back of our house and all too often birds fly into our windows...99% of them die.

Two weeks ago, the kids and I heard the all-too-familiar thud against the window while we were eating breakfast one morning.  I looked out and there was a beautiful bird (I think a wood pecker but I don't know my birds) lying on its side, dead on our deck.  We were all pretty sad about it, especially because the kids saw the bird take its last few breaths, its side heaving for a few seconds before stilling.  We eventually continued with breakfast and, a little while later, still feeling sobered, I glance out the window to see the bird.  To my utter shock, the bird wasn't dead; it had somehow righted itself and was sitting there - motionless other than its head, which occasionally moved a little.

For almost 45 minutes that bird sat there.  Other birds came by from time to time to see what was going on, and he just ignored them while they chattered and squawked at him.  I can't imagine that he wasn't scared about what was happening to him, and I felt so sorry for him.  Truly, I thought for sure it was just a matter of time before he was really dead...otherwise I'd have taken him to a vet hospital or bird sanctuary as I have on other occasions.

I figured it was as good a time as any to talk with the kids about how God cares even for the smallest of birds, and how much must He must love us if He cares for that little bird.  It was Seth's idea to pray for him and so the kids prayed a simple prayer for that little creature.

Minutes later, while I was in the kitchen heating up some cold tea, I added my own silent prayer to the mix, really really wishing, for Seth's sake in particular, that he would see a tangible sign that God was hearing him.  Now, I'm not a believer in God as some kind of genie who's going to grant our wishes; I also don't believe that we are in any position to command God to perform for us.  But I did pray that God might heal that little creature and maybe a little of Seth's heart in the process.

The instant that I said my silent 'amen' Matthew shrieked.

"Mom, come look.  The bird just flew to the tree!!!"

"What?!" I yelled back, shocked.  What I was thinking, as I ran for the sun room to peer out the window, was something like:  God??  Really??  Wow!!  Thanks!!

Sure enough, that little bird we thought sure to be a goner had flown to a nearby tree.  We were astounded.  Me probably most of all.

Seth's reaction??  "God do that??"

I said another quiet-but-heartfelt thank you and suggested to the kids that we all say thanks to God for that little miracle.  I just loved watching the kids plastered up against the big window, watching and smiling.

Then I grabbed my camera and got this picture of our little feathered friend...just before he flew off into the great blue sky.


  1. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker