Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Week's H/School Journal

In our homeschool this week...

...we continued our study of big cats.  It's going well...though our book learning is suspended right now while we're on our road trip adventure. kids learned about prairies and today spent a day in the mountains (Banff).  Seth's awe over seeing just the foothills yesterday was amazing...I don't think he knows what to make of the real snow-capped mountains he saw today!

...the younger kids have learned a bit about baby animals (calves, lambs, foals, ducklings, goslings); we've seen so many beautiful baby animals as we've driven across part of our country.

Places we went and people we saw...
...well, we're in Alberta, so we're definitely in a different kind of place than normal.  It's been a great trip so far.'s been so good for me to be here because I get to see and spend time with one of the dearest people in my life - my friend, S.  There's something about this woman, whom I've known for about fourteen years, that is very unique.  Really, I just think she's remarkable (and she doesn't often read my blog so I can say this without seeming to 'suck up!'); she's someone who's had a huge impact on my life and who stuck with me during some pretty dark times a number of years past...something I'll never forget.  You know how some people just 'get' you?  Well, she is that kind of person in my life, and I'm really and truly thrilled to be spending time with her because it's been a stretch of time since I've last seen her.  It was also a joy to finally be able to introduce Seth and Lizzie to her because she has prayed a lot for them, as well as for Matthew over the years.

...the kids (and I!) are loving the time they get to spend with my friend's twelve-year-old son...who has kindly introduced my three to his wide array of toy guns!  Matthew has suddenly changed his mind about his future occupation: for years he has wanted to be an archaeologist; but give the boy a toy rifle and suddenly he wants to be a hunter!  You should see him scoping out his target.

...we spent today in Banff, where I haven't visited for many years.  We took the gondola up the mountain (a first for me...who knew I had a thing about heights!??  I was quite uncomfortable) and walked along the boardwalks and up countless stairs at the top...which was great exercise for this out-of-shape body.  I huffed and puffed my way up, but we all made it to the top and the views were incredible.  

...another friend dropped by tonight to say hello...and stayed for a few hours to chat and catch up.  I also loved introducing Seth and Lizzie to her because she's someone who's known how much we waited and longed for them.  I always enjoy talking with J, in large part because she's such an interesting person but also because she's one of those few people who have a background in mediation and conflict res...I always feel like we connect well and can pick up on conversation as if it hasn't been over a year since we last saw each other.  It was the perfect ending to a terrific day!

My favourite thing this week...
...without a doubt, it's been spending time with S. and staying here for a few days.

...I have to say (perhaps surprisingly) that our drive out here was pretty darn good, too, overall...the kids are managing really well.

I'm grateful for...
...the spontaneity that h/schooling provides us.  Though it's so hard at times, h/schooling gives us the flexibility of lifestyle that enables us to take a trip such as we're on right now.  It really does rock!


  1. Yah! I love that you are getting closer. can't wait to see you!!

  2. So great to hear that your trip is going so well so far! Banff is just beautiful and I would have loved to see the look on Seth's face when he saw the mountains!

    So excited for you to come here, but hoping you enjoy the rest of your visit there!

    I too love the flexibility of homeschooling.