Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spontaneous Outbursts Can be a Good Thing.

About forty-five minutes ago, just when I was ready to lose my patience with kids who were yelling and wrestling and having nowhere to expend their excess energy (because it's so cold outside and raining, too), a rather neat thing happened.

Matthew (with volume and exuberance): "Mom, thanks SO MUCH for the new things from the dollar store for my backpack...they're awesome!"

Seth (with even more volume and exuberance...if that's possible):  "Yeah, Mom, and thanks for keeping ME forever, too!"

What??  Where on earth did that come from?  I never expected to hear that from the boy who still sounds like he's choking on chicken bones when he says I love you!  Wow.

It was a good lesson about hanging on to my temper for just that extra second or two...because something nice might just happen!  (but I'm sure glad they're in bed now)


  1. Hey Ruth,
    THANKS FOR POSTING on your blog so much. We all love reading it :)

  2. A joyfully touching moment! Have a great trip and if you have more boring moments, enjoy!!! I missed connecting with you last week/weekend.