Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Era.

Shortly after coming home with the kids yesterday afternoon, I logged on to my computer to do a quick check on emails, etc. To my surprise, a few seconds after I started things up, my computer beeped at me and a tiny screen popped up from my newly-loaded Skype program.  The face of one of Matthew's friends suddenly appeared and he asked if he could speak with Matthew.  I hesitated, somehow shocked by this turn of events, and I asked him to wait a moment while I got Matthew.  In that instant, life as I knew it shifted just a little: I became a Messenger Mom; and my first born began receiving calls from a friend.  I actually felt a little weepy; like we've moved into a stage of life that I'm not quite ready for yet.

My tender-hearted reaction admittedly dissipated somewhat when, seconds later, Matthew commandeered the computer I'd been about to use to talk with his friend, and for forty-five minutes I watched and listened in awe as the boys chatted (about nothing really!) and drew pictures (of swords and stuff) for the other to look at.  On my computer.  My Macbook.  Mine.

Or at least, it used to be.

P.S.  On another Skype-related note, Seth and Lizzie were able to see and talk yesterday evening with two other children whom they knew well in their birth community in Ethiopia and with whom they shared beds in the orphanage.  This is the first time since we brought the kids home to Canada that they were able to connect with these friends, who were also adopted last year by a Canadian family.  It was pretty incredible!


  1. I LOVE how skype can keep our kiddos connected with other kids they shared big parts of their life with-such a blessing!

  2. Aren't you happy you have your iPad?