Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gum Chewers

On a sillier note (because I have not enough energy to write what I'd like to write about)...

My boys are obsessed with gum.  After being asked dozens of times every day for gum, I finally created a couple of rules around it:  they can chew one junky kind of gum every day, and after that, it's the dentist-recommended gum; also, I don't want them to chew gum when we're out and about, so mostly just at home.  And that's it.  If they stick with these simple rules, they can chew gum whenever they want, without asking first.  Bubble gum is the junky gum of choice at the moment and the boys figured out how to blow bubbles a couple of months back.

Matthew enjoying his junky gum of the day!

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