Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flaunting Their Wares.

Two weeks ago, shortly after doing the big bedroom clean up, my boys decided to pull together a few of the toys that they no longer wanted - including a broken CD player and an irreparable bike - and hold an impromptu garage sale.  (note: is it wrong that I was privately a little embarrassed by the paltry things they put out there??) They bumped a small table up the steps from the basement so that they could display their wares on the lawn, and assembled a few chairs beside it to be able to sit in comfort next to their meagre selection.  I have no idea where they got the wooden clothes drying rack propped up against the table.  But they were ready.

For ninety minutes, the kids screeched "mini garage sale" in unison when any car or passer by went past them.  Well, Lizzie, I noticed, was shouting (and she's loud, man) something that sounded more like "mini carrot tail" - no wonder the boys kept getting mad at her - they doubtless had never bothered to explain what exactly they were doing out there or to tell her what it was actually called.  (But did she really think they were advertising carrot tails?  And just what is a carrot tail?)

Understandably, not one car stopped but I was impressed by the kids' dogged persistence in their shrieking at anything that moved - they seemed to have no reservation about advertising a little junk!

Thankfully, some neighbours and friends were gracious enough to drop by and feign a little interest; a few even mercifully offered up bits of change for one or two of the little trinkets that were doubtless tossed into the trash when they went back home (oh wait - that's what I did with the two that I spent fifty cents on).  One thoughtful neighbour even came by with a plate of muffins for the kids - no doubt to stuff their mouths so that we could all enjoy a little peace and quiet for a while!

I bought that little perler-bead dog that sits upside down towards the left of the table.  That thing has been flitting around the house for a year since Matthew made it and I was so sick of seeing it on every counter top and floor and having to remind Matthew yet again to take it upstairs.  Interestingly, when I bought it, Matthew's enthusiastic response was "see Mom, I knew you loved it!"  Hmm.  Yeah.  Right.  I just smiled!  I also bought the green-tassled whistle at the bottom right - finally I was able to rid out house of the blasted thing that has taken out my ear drums on more than one occasion!  It only cost me two quarters for a little more order and peace in the house...would the rest of life be that easily dealt with!

The boys' next entrepreneurial venture promises to be more lucrative:  a mobile (read: wagon-mounted) lemonade stand that they plan to pull/slosh through the field across the way while a zillion parents sit and watch their kids playing soccer.  Matthew has decided to sell it "by donation" because he's convinced that people will pay more that way than if he charges the twenty-five cents that he was initially thinking about.  Darn it, he's probably right - if it were me buying lemonade from a couple of adorable and industrious boys, I'd probably spend a loonie on a cup of the stuff...maybe even more if I saw an adorable Lizzie standing with them!  Anyway, we're just waiting for the next hot soccer night to get this one going!

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