Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Note Re: Learning

I've already received several private emails on the subject of learning as it concerns our older children of adoption, from parents who are expressing similar issues.  It really does seem like there are a lot of common threads to be found amongst these kids of ours, and I can't believe not more is known about this or written about it...or maybe it's just me and I'm in catch-up mode.  But in Part 3, I will be posting the links to the beginnings of my research, which will start us off in a good direction.

I've also received two incredibly kind offers of help with Seth, from two of my blog readers...people who work in and know about these areas of development in children.  I've got to say that these responses have moved me to tears this morning - it means so much to me.  When I speak with these two women, I will be asking them if I might share with you what I learn from them...because I know now that there are lots of people struggling with these issues.

As you'll learn from me shortly, I'm about to leave on a mini 'vacation' for up to two weeks.  However, upon my return, I will be following up almost immediately with these two lovely women to see what I might be able to glean from their expertise and compassion.  Frankly, I'm also just looking forward to talking with them!

I haven't even posted Parts 2 and 3 of this series yet, but I can already envision Parts 4 and 5 and others, down the road.  I have lots of learning to do when it comes to knowing how to help Seth reach his full potential, and I'd be happy to have you follow along with this particular journey, too.

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  1. Keep the posts coming Ruth... I'm sure Hilary and I will be using much of your knowledge for our kids as well!!