Monday, May 21, 2012

42 Things...And Counting

A few weeks ago, while I was planning a bit for our spring/summer school, I had an idea that it would be fun to make a list of fun things that the kids and I could do in and around the city this summer.

I'm thinking that, in the midst of our first attempt at year-round schooling, it would be nice to be deliberate about doing some things every week that are purely for pleasure...not that we really struggle in this arena!  I approached the kids with the idea of making a Summer Fun List and, as to be expected, they thought it was a great idea.  We had a lot of fun brainstorming the list, and have added a few things to the list since then.

So far our list totals 42 items.  One or two of them may not be the most practical, but the vast majority are great ideas.  Here's a list of about half of the ideas we came up with:
  • eat ice cream at a local summer hotspot that recently reopened after the winter; 
  • take a river taxi, eat lunch (or picnic) at a planned destination, and then take the river taxi back again; 
  • attend an outdoor theatre (which is advertising a kid's play this summer); 
  • go to the zoo; 
  • drive out to a couple of nearby beaches, play in the sand and eat a fish fry for dinner; 
  • enjoy an afternoon of rides at a local fairground; 
  • glow bowl once a month; 
  • pick strawberries at a place that also has a petting farm; 
  • look for frogs in and around some nearby streams and trails; 
  • put together (me) and complete (the kids) a scavenger hunt around our neighbourhood; 
  • try our first geo-caching initiative; 
  • ride go-karts and water bumper cars; 
  • complete a driving trip to somewhere that takes at least eight hours to drive to; 
  • camp overnight in the backyard; 
  • feed the ducks and geese at a local duck pond; 
  • have a pizza picnic lunch at a park; 
  • go fishing; 
  • watch a movie matinee; 
  • travel out to a marshland an hour outside of our city; 
  • go to a kids' amusement park where they have zip-lining and climbing structures; 
  • etc etc etc
What else can you think of???  Anything we should add to this list???


  1. might I suggest ??
    I use them for scavenger hunts...great ability to choose your clue spots, and to grade the difficulty of the clue to the child's level...scavenger hunts are a snap now, and my kids (16 and 18) still love them!

  2. Thanks Carolyn! Great idea!! I'm headed to that website right now.


  3. Hi Ruth, I was catching up on my blog reading and read your post. Guess what? I just posted this free printable Summer Fun List on my blog! I don't think it has room for 42 items though! LOL!

    Maybe I'll have to make an extra-long version!