Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bike Ride in the Rain.

Last weekend, despite the sprinkling rain, Geoff took the boys on a longer bike ride...they were gone for three hours.  This is (by far) the longest bike ride that Seth has been on and I can imagine that he had to work especially hard because his bike is smaller and without gears to ease him through tougher spots.

They rode their bikes through the rain to a McDonald's many kilometres away, and stopped there for hot chocolate.  I wish I'd taken pictures of them when they came home, because the boys were soaked and icy cold and completely bedraggled.  I keep thinking that at some point we'll actually see Seth tired out from some strenuous physical activity...but despite that afternoon in the rain, it hasn't happened yet.

Starting out.

Lizzie's reaction to being left behind...but don't worry...she and I spent over an hour reading stories while the guys were gone, and she was as happy as a little clam cuddled up with me shortly after this picture was taken!

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