Monday, March 19, 2012

Monster Trucks

What's not to like about monster trucks if you're a boy of eight or six and have been invited by friends to go and watch a bunch of giant vehicles jump over things and crash into each other??

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  1. Our boys constantly talk about monster trucks, and I'm not even sure they have seen one in action. Kitch wanted a toy monster truck for Christmas, despite having many, and he doesn't really ever play with them. Lute goes on about them - thinks large pick-ups are monster trucks, and was convinced the tractor tires in the playground area the maple sugar bush were monster truck well as the tire ruts on the trail. Oh, and he also thought he had heard a monster truck outside during rest time. All this glorification of monster trucks as the best thing ever actually annoys me, so I can't help pointing out the more obvious sources of the various sounds, tires, etc., he observes, and making sure he knows there are more big things on wheels than monster trucks! I guess I'm just a tractor fan at heart, and can't stand to see them overlooked. (Oh, and I read your post about reading - I definitely go through phases, and should pay more attention to what it says about my mental state. Although I can also tell you that the type of blog posts I comment on these days are more likely to be about monster trucks than anything else - which I think says something about my mental state currently).