Friday, January 20, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, during Lizzie's gymnastics class, I was sitting next to a mom whose daughter was in the same four-and-five-year-old class that Lizzie was in.  I've never talked with the other mom before, usually because I have my hands full trying (in vain) to keep my boys relatively quiet during their hour-long wait for Lizzie's class to be done.

Suddenly the other mom turned to me and said the following, almost word for word:

"You know," she said, "I have my three kids in gymnastics classes, too, and I have to say that of all of the classes I watch, the kid I love to watch is your daughter.  I even forget sometimes that my own daughter is in this class because I'm transfixed by your girl."

A few minutes later, she added, "she is the cutest, sparkliest little thing I've seen in a long time.  She has the most emotive face, and has such a spark about her.  I'm a teacher, and I've worked with a lot of kids, and my favourite kind of kid in the classroom is a girl like her...with spark.  I'm betting she has a strong will, too."

I don't know how she knew about Lizzie's iron-clad will, but she sure got it right on all counts about my Little Bean.  She is sparkly, she has the most emotive and mobile face I've ever seen on a kid, and has so much personality that to think of her as a teenager yet is a little much for me to contemplate.

Earlier, during the boys' gymnastics class, I was holding Lizzie on my lap (because she is also the cuddliest kid I know and always wants to be in physical contact) and I said something to her that she didn't like much.  Her response?

She lowered her face and glared up at me from underneath a face-wide frown, and said, "then I no more Mommy's baby.  I'm Daddy's baby now!"  Little minx.  I pretended devastation, by burying my head in her neck and pretending to cry big sobbing cries.  She laughed and said, "Mommy, you faking it.  But I be your baby again!"

I fall in love with this girl more every daughter.



  1. This post both makes me feel like I do know her and makes me sad that I don't live closer so that I could actually know her.

  2. Your pictures make me laugh! I definitely agree with the teacher you talked about in your post. I am a teacher as well, and the students that have touched my heart over the years, the ones that I just love to teach are those with that impish sparkle and lots of spunk. They are often not the easiest kids to teach (or to parent), but they sure are delightful.