Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Know You Have an Observant Middle Child...

...when said child sneaks a peek at the underwear his mother is wearing and declares "you have two like that!  One in laundry, these panties number two.  Why you have two the same?"

What does one say to that??

But darn it, he's right that I have two of the same.

Is it any wonder that I can't keep on top of this kid??


  1. Your panties have number two in them??? Better re-read....

    Oh, okay. It's all good. Carry on. ;)

    (and yes... we have one who knows what all my gaunchies look like, too. I have no idea why she cares.)

  2. In our family, the observer is our eldest - he asked me yesterday who switched the photo of my brother & his family on the fridge (they are in missions, and annually update their photo "prayer" card...which looks basically the same year to year, except for an outfit change). He sometimes asks me why I have placed an item in one spot, when he last saw it in another. Drives me nuts. How does one explain that there is not always a concrete reason for everything (or that some "reasons" are simply unimportant...)? There are excellent reasons I chose to adopt a 4 year-old (and this one in particular)...but I can't say it's my favourite age (and I have known that about myself for a LONG time). Just have to keep reminding myself that some of these qualities can (and likely will) become delightful and inspiring as he gets older and puts them to less irritating use!

  3. Joy, you nailed it -- not every "reason" is important, but we're questioned about every one, every time. E. just said to me (literally, just now), "Why you change socks? This morning you have black. Now you have blue. Why?"

    "My black socks got a little wet from stepping in a puddle of melted snow," I said.

    "Where are the black socks now?"

    "I put them on the side of the laundry hamper to dry."

    "Why did you pick blue socks instead of more black socks?"




    etc until I am ready to SCREAM!!!!! ;)

  4. LOL!!
    Such is family life...