Thursday, December 8, 2011


In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Matthew woke up vomiting...some kind of bug invaded, I guess.  When the younger kids woke up a few hours later, I explained to them about Matthew being sick and that they might get sick too.  I told them that if they needed to vomit, they should try really hard to get it into a bucket - thankfully, Matthew was able to demonstrate that point precisely a few minutes later...and many times subsequently.

I was on the phone with my sister a little while later when Lizzie came barrelling into the room, looking quite panicky.

Lizzie:  "My tummy owie!  Need to vomit.  Need a bucket."

I ran for a pail and she ran after me, her whole body heaving.  But that little thing held it in for those precious few seconds it took me to get the bucket; and then every bit of her breakfast made it into the container (including a whole orange segment that makes me think I need to watch how much she is chewing her food!).

Later, Seth let me know that she was heaving again, but by the time she got to me, she managed to say, "no vomit yet...want to kaka (poop) first."  And, somehow, she did just that - used the toilet first!  Interestingly, although Matthew's bug lasted for a full twenty-four hours, Lizzie was sick for only about six hours, and then she was back to eating at full speed ahead.

Seth expressed, rather disdainfully, that he would not be getting sick; he was so full of his usual intense confidence that for just a moment, I almost wanted him to get sick, just so he'd know that he's human too!  But that thought was fleeting - the last thing I needed was three kids sick at the same time - between an accidental bed wetting during the night, and Matthew's copious amounts of night time vomiting, I did five loads of laundry yesterday morning.

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun day:  gingerbread cookies in the morning; tree choosing and decorating in the afternoon.  Guess those things'll have to wait a bit longer...oh well.

PS.  Seth did not get sick!


  1. oh- what a rough day. Nothing worse than copious amounts of vomit. Hopefully you don't get the bug!

  2. That does not sounds fun. Glad it was only two of three kiddies though!

    I'd love to send you an invite for my blog but can't seem to find your email anywhere...please feel free to pop me a message at afroadopt at yahoo dot ca if you would like an invite. You left me a lovely comment awhile back but I have since gone private. I love reading your blog, especially the stories about funny things your children say and all the photos!

  3. Sorry Ruth, it's actually afroadopt at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  4. oh, yuck..we had the same whatever that was bug here..sigh. I can't believe little Lizzie was able to hold it in! wow! :)

  5. What a trooper Lizzie is!
    Of course, Matthew has such a sensitive tummy, he had to be the first to succumb. Poor boy.
    Lucky Seth. I must admit to willing myself not to vomit on a few occasions in my life. lol

  6. sick kids is never fun. The first time Meski could verbalize that she was sick, she started asking for a pocket- which had me confused- until we got the message she had needed a bucket! For several months buckets were pockets- and why not- you put things in both! I'm so hoping to survive this bug that seems to be hitting every house around us! I hope you are still healthy!