Sunday, November 13, 2011

How I Wonder What You Are.

I've suspected for a while that Seth likes to sing.  He sings regularly, along with music in the car, or while horsing around with Matthew.  But he's very shy about it, won't do when requested, and he usually injects his voice with a somehow-playful quality, attempting, I think, to use humour to cover up his shyness and enjoyment.

On Friday morning, while I was making my bed, I heard a lovely sound coming from down the hall - from the boys' bedroom.  I was surprised because I thought the kids were downstairs tidying up the sunroom.  But sure enough, it was coming from their bedroom, and it was Seth's voice.  I edged my way a little closer, not wanting to disturb whatever was creating that lovely sound.  Through his partially open door, I glimpsed him making his bed.  And while he was working, he was singing "twinkle twinkle little star."  He was all alone, and he was singing!  He didn't get all of the words right, he didn't know how to end it, but he was singing.  By himself, for himself.  Just because he wanted to, and just because he was in the mood for singing.  It was awesome to hear.  And his voice?  It was high and sweet sounding, lilting, a boys' choir kind of voice.  It was right on pitch, and surprisingly beautiful.  I was shocked.  I could have listened for hours.

But you know what brought the tears to my eyes?  He sounded he was singing for the pure joy of it.  My precious, burdened, complicated, intense, steadfast-hearted boy was singing!  Without a doubt, it was the highlight of my day!!


  1. How wonderful! There is something particularly touching about "happy" singing. I've noticed it practically brings me to tears when I hear one of my nieces sing that way. It's so un-self-conscious.

  2. So sweet! Joy in his heart and it had to come out!