Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few Moments Ago...

Lizzie:  "Mommy, may I jump down stairs?" (pointing to the five or six stairs below her)

Me:  "No Lizzy, that's too far.  You'll hurt yourself."

Lizzie:  "No like that answer Mommy. Blah blah blah.  Mommy, say yes, ok?  Ok."

She jumped.  Owie.


  1. Ah, the wee imp! So funny. Slowly, they learn that what we say has reason behind it, right? Someone please tell me that's the case, because Jackson, age 6, after doing the bike ramp on the scooter and bailing mid-air onto his face, is still learning that one. I had told him 2 minutes earlier that the ramp was for bikes, not scooters, and that he'd get hurt if he did it. Sigh.

    I wonder if there's an age or an injury ratio they have to hit before they get it.. LOL!

  2. She said "blah blah blah" to you?!!!!!! Oh my, the teen years WILL be interesting...