Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Being Taught by a Seven-Year-Old

This morning over breakfast, Matthew announced that "Mom, I think you and I need to do some more exercise."

My thought:  oh crap.  He's only seven, and he's figured out that I need to exercise.

What I said:  "well, you have a good point, actually.  What do you propose?"

Matthew:  "Well, I'm talking about more than going for walks outside.  I think in the mornings, at least a few times a week, you should get on the treadmill and I should do jumping jacks, or bounce on my new ball, or practice sit-ups like Uncle David taught me. Or maybe I'll run around the basement while you're on the treadmill."

Me:  "Hmm...that sounds like it's something that would be good for us.  But it would mean getting up earlier in the morning."  (said sneakily and not wisely, but hopefully nonetheless).

Matthew:  "If I get up earlier, I'd probably fall asleep a little easier at nighttime.  So I can handle it if you can."

Ahh, that's the real rub - can I handle doing exercise??!!!  I'm not sure!  I hate it.  But I know I need it.  So we agreed that we'll do our first joint exercise 'class' tomorrow morning...at least, that's the plan.  Ten or fifteen minutes max.  Yikes, being encouraged towards fitness by a kid who's not even half my height...embarrassing, really. But oh well - if it works to get my butt on the treadmill, maybe we'll both learn a thing or two.


  1. Ruth, this post made me laugh! I'm a 'big girl' so I realize that I should do something about exercising myself--It's hard to have the motivation--good luck tomorrow! Maybe I'll join you for a quick 15 and let you know how it goes!
    Jenn G.

  2. hey Ruth. You can do it. I'm up extra early to exercise today. With you in spirit. Maybe a joint exercise class will be more motivating because you have someone who is expecting you and you can't back out! Have fun!