Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lists, Lists and More Lists

There seems to be interest in lists, so I thought I'd post my draft lists of things that we're taking to Ethiopia; the lists aren't quite done yet, but they're getting there.  I'd really appreciate any suggestions as to things you might see as missing from these lists...thanks!

Two Suitcases:

1.  Clothes (Ruth):
  • court clothes: skirt; shirt; jacket; sandals
  • underwear & bras
  • socks
  • pants:  jeans; long pants/nice sweats x 2; capri pants x 4
  • shirts x 6
  • jacket/hoodie(s)
  • PJs

2. Toilettries:
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • soap for shower
  • antibac liquid hand soap
  • face cloths x 6
  • face gel and day cream
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • contact lens case & solution & extra contact lenses
  • glasses & case
  • makeup
  • hair brush
  • hair dryer
  • kleenex travel packs
  • nail clipper
  • feminine hygiene

3.  Meds, etc
  • advil
  • cold/sinus meds
  • melatonin
  • throat lozenges
  • bandaids; gauze; ointment; tea tree oil
  • vitamins
  • pepto bismol
  • immodium
  • oil of oregano
  • malaria meds

4.  Miscellaneous

  • post-court gift bags for the kids
  • photo album for bio family
  • norwex cloths (face cloths, enviro cleaning cloths, for backpack)
  • norwex laundry deterget
  • laundry line with suction cups
  • solumel cleaner and spray bottle
  • toilet paper
  • pillow cases
  • wipes for hands
  • water bottles
  • phone numbers for drivers and contacts (Imagine & Lodge)
  • peanut butter & crackers
  • chocolate
  • bubble wrap for bringing things home
  • collapsed box for bringing things home
  • duct tape
  • black marker
  • lots of plastic bags (garbage, laundry, etc)
  • ziploc bags (snack size for giving away kolo; medium; large)
  • flashlights x 2
  • extra batteries for still and video cameras
  • extra video camera cassettes
  • alarm clock
  • hand sanitizer x 4
  • shower shoes
  • running shoes (old ones) for outdoor wear
  • indoor shoes for guest house (old black sandals)
  • notarized copies of our passports (to keep in separate spot from originals)
  • rubber gloves
  • hat
  • sunglasses & case
  • power bar for computer to prevent surgest
  • nuts in ziploc for trip home
  • hangers
  • mosquito nets
  • bug spray
  • mini tripod
  • book light
  • questions for birth family
  • questions for transition house
  • questions for orphanage
  • bungee cords
  • measuring tape
  • sun block
  • magic jack
  • rain ponchos

Two Large Bins: Orphanage Donations:

  • blankets...lots of beautiful blankets
  • medicine and band aids
  • kids' socks and underwear
  • crib sheets
  • shoes/clothing
  • soccer balls and pumps
  • hundreds of sheets of stickers
  • balloons
  • donated money for local purchase of food, gas for the vehicles, diapers, wipes, etc

Carry-On Baggage:

  • airline tickets
  • passports
  • yellow fever vaccination certificates
  • money (US, travellers, and small amt of Cdn) - money belt; leg belt
  • camera
  • USB cable to load pics onto computer
  • video camera with new cassette in it (charged)
  • computer and charger
  • plug converter (to charge things up in London airport)
  • ipod and earphones
  • toilet paper
  • e-reader and charger
  • snacks: granola bars; nuts.
  • journal notepad and pens
  • gum
  • movies
  • underwear x 2
  • pants and shirt
  • toilettries: deodorant; wash cloths in ziplocs; travel size shampoo/conditioner; travel size mouthwash; travel size toothpaste and toothbrushes; makeup; brush
  • kleenex travel pack
  • hand wipes
  • hand sanitizer x 2 (one per backpack)
  • inflatable travel pillows
  • sunglasses 
  • hand lotion
  • magazines
  • dry wipes for adding water to
  • Amharic language guide
  • ? sports compact towel

So...what's missing?  I know I've missed stuff.  Thanks!


  1. If you have not already bought the flashlights I would bring headlamps instead. You will never travel (or camp) without them again.

    I know sounds geeky but you can have your hands free, wrap them on your wrist if not using and they are smaller.

  2. Thanks Kendra -
    thankfully, the flashlights are on my final list of things to buy, so I appreciate the suggestion. I'm heading to Canadian Tire tomorrow or Monday and will look to see if they have headlamps!!

    Thanks again!


  3. I noticed you have tea tree oil listed. I brought a little spray bottle and mixed tea tree oil and water to spray on my bed and pillow. I read that it wards off the nasty bed bugs! lol Not sure if it does but we didn't have bed bug problems. I also bring a small sleeping bag (hostel bag from MEC) everywhere I go practically. Not sure how you feel about hotel sheets and beds but if you are sketchy about it like me you will love your hostel sack. They are even bed bug proof in case the tea tree oil doesn't work! lol
    My friends think I am nuts for dragging that thing everywhere! But I am sure I would be eaten alive by bed bugs and germs by now if I didn't have it. ;0 lol

  4. I always like to bring a clean pillow case- it doubles as a laundry bag, or I can cover any unsavory pillows with it!

  5. wow! nothing to add but i am sure i will come bck to your list "when" it's our turn. :) wow!!!! only a matter of days my friend!!!

  6. Thanks folks!! Keep the suggestions coming!


  7. HI Ruth,

    Well so happy for the list post ! I hope you will share more !

    Ok I thought of something in bed last night , not sure this was it but 2 themes I have heard about are nasty colds, sinus problems etc so stock up on cold meds even if at home you do not usually use them. I do remember reading how someone would have paid a million dollars to get their hands on some Nyquil etc !

    My other thought is lost luggage ( well it sure has happened to me most times I have travelled, so be sure to have bags split up that if one is lost you have divided the stuff up , ie a bit of everything in all luggage .

    So so exciting to see this post
    Take good care of your self over the next days
    much love

    ps Mountain equipment also has mini led flashlights that might be tiny but I am sure enough power to get by with , I second the head lamp love mine

  8. The airline provides a blanket, but I appreciated having a throw along as well, as I was still cold on the airplane. I had a jacket/sweater along, too, but liked the throw on my legs....Just a thought. It made sleeping easier for me. Also, bring one of those blow up neck supports for sleeping on the airplane, so you don't have to worry about who you end up leaning against and don't have a sore neck when you wake up.

  9. got the travel pillow on your list.

  10. What about a swimsuit? I"m not a big swimsuit fan myself, but I think I'm going to pack one in case..we might cave and swim at the Hilton if it's too hot...


  11. Oh, I also just thought of thank you notes...I just stumbled across mine...

  12. Just read this again - what is a magic jack?

    Also make sure you make notes on the amount of stuff you don't use. I guarentee you cut this list in half on the second trip!!! LOL, well it will be helpful anyways as you will need the space for the kids stuff on that trip.

  13. Wow, Ruth. I couldn't think of a thing you don't have. My list was so basic compared to yours...I'm going to chuck that one and just go with yours! Thanks for posting - it's so helpful and you really thought of everything!

    We're bringing along a very thin "sleeping bag"...more like a sheet sewn together. My brother has traveled the world and recommended it. I believe Costco has some on sale now

    See you soon!

  14. Laughing here....

    my boys saw "bungee cords" on your list and suggested i take some along too. They are, of course, in case the plane goes down and you need to jump. *grin*